Opening Lotus Yoga~Resources for Vibrant Living ~ An Eco-Green Studio

Opening Lotus Yoga is celebrating our 10th year here in Holden, MA.!  Anne Townend-Duffey. MA.,RYT,Conscious Wellness Educator, Entrepreneur and 20 year Yoga and Meditation practitioner, opened the studio in 2003 with the awareness that  UNMANAGED STRESS KILLS . Stress can kill suddenly or slowly through chronic inflammation and illness. Chronic stress can drain our connections to our intuitive insights , Spirit and what’s most meaningful in our lives. The collective result is  a vastly diminished quality of life.

 Anne’s  MISSION;  Offer practical, clear and direct teachings embodied in the ancient wisdom  of YOGA and in a form  relevant to our hectic western lives, to heal our disconnect from what matters most,  our health, happiness and well being, our Spirit.

OPENING LOTUS YOGA moved  to its current studio space September 2008. With the new studio space, Opening Lotus Yoga embraced Eco-sustainability offering bamboo flooring, ‘clean’ paint finishes, use of organic cleaners and ‘green’ yoga props; cork, bamboo blocks and earth element yoga mats(latex free). The Eco-Green studio is a member of the national organization and pledges to offer education to our yoga community on reducing our environmental footprint by integrating principles of Green Living.

Modern life has monumental levels of individual  stress, resulting in epidemic levels of inflammatory, chronic illness  and suffering. Fear and anxiety have become dominating forces in peoples lives.  I am  committed  to offer the unifying teachings yoga embodies, uniting body, mind and spirit as a practical path to better health and well being  and in turn inspire individuals to take full responsibility for the quality of the lives they are living.

I  daily cultivate ‘Fierce Compassion’, which defines the energy of a bodhisattva or Peace Warrior. With clarity and honesty, I believe we can only achieve peace and health  in ourselves and  in the world, one individual at a time, one heart at a time and through the teachings of yoga, one breath at a time. There is a path to release suffering and  create vibrancy on all levels, body, mind and Spirit!

The first step is being honest with ourselves about the lives we are living  and the choices we are choosing. If you are ready for the transformative journey,  Opening Lotus Yoga offers that path to Vibrant Health.

Students who choose to take a brave step to embrace the   opportunity to transform to their deepest desires for health, happiness and spiritual embodiment in real time, now, will find a supportive refuge at Opening Lotus Yoga.

It really comes down to WHAT DO YOU VALUE and ARE YOU LIVING IN ALIGNMENT WITH THAT?  Opening Lotus Yoga can provide practical  guidance  assisting you in  clarifying your deepest intention for health and well being and with your commitment to practice, begin to shift from stress to vitality. Yes, life has challenges, many…. but SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL.

Stress can be defined as “being in resistance to what is”. An integral focus of our teachings result in STRESS REDUCTION  in the body~mind and Personal Health Transformation. Through the studios many offerings of weekly, all level yoga classes, monthly immersion specialty classes and workshops to explore well- being more deeply to course offerings on manifesting VIBRANT HEALTH and SUSTAINABLE ECO-CONSCIOUS LIVING, Opening Lotus Yoga provides multiple ways  to reconnect with yourself and ‘ come back home’ to your essential  Self, the source of all health and well Being. Through our collective, skillful efforts, we can expand the yogic community of  Conscious Health,  Peace, Compassion, Love and Joy, individually,locally and globally.

The symbol of the lotus is sacred in India, Tibet, China and Japan. It represents the process of growth, beauty and purity of wisdom consciousness. The deeper  the lotus roots penetrate down into the muddy waters, the richer the bloom. The lotus blossom reaches for the light, once warmed, it begins to open, one petal at a time until the golden seed pod at the center is revealed.  A beautiful metaphor for the unfolding of our true inner nature, our true Self. Opening Lotus Yoga is intended to provide a sacred and welcoming  space for that gradual growth and opening of individuals True Selves to occur.

I am grateful for the blessed opportunity to bring this action forward. I am grateful for those that join me in cultivating a more loving,healthy , conscious and peaceful world. I am grateful for all my teachers, past and present, embodied and in spirit that serve as my refuge. May we bring the joy and light of yoga to all we touch.

In Peace and in the Light of Yoga
Om Shanti
Anne Townend- Duffey MA. RYT 300

Founder & Director of Opening Lotus Yoga